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Bespoke joinery company in Edenbridge

We can create absolutely everything from scratch, so if you have a unique idea in mind, just let our dedicated team know. We offer a supply and fit service, or just a supply service.

By having the workshop to hand we can mix these services where necessary, and if you are looking at the standard range from our suppliers, you may call upon the workshop to tweak any units or extras that you like, to make it suit your requirements.

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From initial enquiry we can provide you with images to help get your kitchen designed correctly for your daily living.

Once we have received your order we are able to provide you with full CAD drawings giving you a real idea of how the kitchen will look, right down to your chosen paint colour for the walls.

We can do this before we start ordering materials to make sure that all the finer points are decided and working with the overall design, before we have even cut a piece of timber.

Kitchen Interior
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Our highly professional team of joiners are on hand to carry out installation following the manufacture of your joinery.

Following our installation service, all waste products are removed from site and disposed of at our workshop leaving the site clean and tidy.

We are also pleased to offer a supply only service where we will provide the joinery and any instructions that are required to your on-site builder, if you are having other work done.  

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Image by Patrick Tomasso
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At Causeway Joinery we are proud to keep things local and work with quality, reliable tradesmen that we have worked with for many years.

Our sub contractors include trades such as builders, plumbing, electrical and decoration.

If you already appointed your own trades then we are happy to work alongside & communicate directly with them to make sure that the project runs smoothly.

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We can supply appliances through our suppliers offering quality brands and delivery to our workshop for storage until your kitchen is ready for installation.

Whether we are to supply the appliances or if you decide to source independently, all we need is confirmation of the model numbers to make sure that all the cabinetry that we are supplying is compatible with the appliances you are purchasing.

With the advantage of the workshop to hand we can adapt most cabinets to accommodate any feature or unusual size.

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We offer a range of accessories for your kitchen to include work surfaces, glass & tile splash backs, sinks, taps and internal wire work for your units.

We are able to source a wide range of work surfaces such as Real Wood, Granite, Quartz, Corian, and many more.

We can source leading brands from our suppliers for sinks and taps to include stainless or ceramic.

We will take time to discuss your preference on the accessories at the beginning of the design stage to make sure that we include all of these in our estimate, so there are no hidden costs.

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Do you have any questions for Causeway Joinery Ltd about our bespoke kitchens? Give us a call or visit our contact page to speak with us.

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